U.S. Congressman Armstrong Visits BWR Innovations

U.S. Congressman Armstrong Visits BWR Innovations

Congressman Kelly Armstrong and his Director of Constituent Services Mary Cristy, visited BWR Innovations in Fargo to learn more about our progress on a number of special projects involving BWR Innovations’ iNsite ioT telemetry system products and the Sol Source fuel cell projects.  

The tour included demonstrations of BWR Innovations’ products and discussions on current and upcoming temperature monitoring projects with schools, the food processing industry, and the restaurant/event center industry.  There was also an interesting discussion regarding fuel cell electrical generation, fuel storage and how BWR Innovations was involved in this exciting growth area.

As projects develop further, BWR Innovations look forward to keeping Congressman Armstrong and his staff informed and look forward to providing further exciting updates.

In the photo of Congressman Armstrong’s visit left to right:  Congressman Kelly Armstrong, BWR Innovations personnel, Joel Jorgenson, Travis DeJong, Tom Nelson, Syl Melroe, and Tom Wollin.

Photo courtesy of Mary Christy, Director of Constituent Services for Congressman Armstrong.

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