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About Blue Water Resolute (BWR InnovationsĀ®)

Blue Water Resolute (BWR Innovations) is helping businesses automate legacy equipment and innovate fuel cell technology into the future. Founded in 2018, BWR has grown into a strong team of experienced engineers, business investors and visionaries.

Our first priority has always been to help you automate your business for productivity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

What is BWR is Working On Right Now?

Fuel Cell Technology

Fuel cells are the key to unlocking efficient, clean, quite and abundant energy for individuals businesses and governments.

BWR paired fuel cell technology and a practical industry need: bug remediation. Clean, discreet and quite solution for bug remediation in hotels & businesses. Check out the full project here.

We want to partner with you to create the future of innovation.

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Innovative solutions are born from a combination of your business issues and our product solutions. If you have a particular issue and are not sure how to resolve it or proceed, contact us. We will listen, collaborate, and develop a solution to solve your issue and bring your equipment and business to the next level! We are excited to hear from you. Contact us right now!