Oncore Energy

Primary & backup power generation.

Oncore Energy MicroGrid

Power, reimagined.

The complete backup or primary energy generation system providing clean, reliable power to your home.

Your electricity can be shut down by storms, fires, and rolling blackouts. This can leave your family without air conditioning, lighting, hot water, internet, and more. Blackouts can last DAYS, as energy employees try to get power back up in your area.

Oncore Energy MicroGrid hydrogen fuel cell generator and power storage system turns tap water into reliable electricity.

  • Reliable
  • Modular design
  • Clean energy
  • Stand-alone power source
  • Backup power source

What is a MicroGrid and how does it work?

More and more people are becoming concerned with the reliability and the availability of power. When there is an outage, planned or unplanned, and there is no power; what can we do? The solution to this problem is MicroGrids.

So...what is a MicroGrid?

A MicroGrid is an individual or personal energy grid for your home or business. This means you can disconnect from the traditional power grid and operate autonomously. A MicroGrid can connect and disconnect from the traditional power grid to enable it to operate in both grid-connected or your own energy island mode.

Key benefits of the MicroGrid

  • Provide efficient, low-cost, clean energy
  • Improve the operation and stability of the regional electric grid
  • Increases reliability and resilience of the traditional power grid
  • Reduce grid congestion and peak loads
  • When properly designed, a regional or traditional power grid that combines both large central plants and MicroGrids can be built with less total capital cost, less installed generation, higher capacity factor on all assets, and higher reliability.
Power emergency with ice on power lines

Traditional power grid is always at risk.

Your traditional power grid connects multiple homes, businesses, and other buildings to a central power source. This allows us to use appliances, heating/cooling systems, and electronics. But this interconnectedness means that when part of the grid needs to be repaired, everyone is affected.

This is where a MicroGrid steps in. A MicroGrid generally operates while connected to the traditional power grid, but importantly, it can break off and operate on its own using local energy generation in times of crisis like storms or power outages, or for other reasons.

Oncore Energy gives you energy independence

Wildfire causing power outages

A MicroGrid not only provides backup for the grid in case of emergencies but can also be used to cut energy costs or connect to a local resource that is too small or unreliable for traditional grid use. A microgrid allows a home or a business to be more energy independent and, in some cases, more environmentally friendly.

The Oncore Energy MicroGrid can provide you that energy independence!

How does the Oncore Energy MicroGrid work with your home?

Hydrogen powered generator powers your home

The Oncore Energy MicroGrid is a self-sustaining energy system derived from hydrogen fuel cells. By replacing key parts of the energy grid on your home, we are able to make you 100% energy self-sufficient.

Make blackouts and storm-related outages a thing of the past.

The Oncore Energy MicroGrid uses hydrogen produced with electricity from solar panels, wind turbines, or power from your utility company to convert tap water to hydrogen that can be stored on site.

Oncore Energy MicroGrid Comparison

Oncore Energy Fuel Cell MicroGrid vs Battery Storage

Oncore Energy Fuel Cell MicroGrid vs Gas/Diesel Generators

Why use the Oncore Energy MicroGrid system?

Say goodbye to blackouts and hello to energy self-sufficiency.

Reliable Energy - Lights ALWAYS come on when you flip the light switch. Day or night, calm or storm. Oncore Energy MicroGrid provides reliable, uninterruptable energy - even when your neighbors don't have power. Never be left in the dark!

Modular Design - Oncore Energy MicroGrid is modular in design and can scale with size. One fuel cell will power a small home. Two fuel cells will power a larger home. The Oncore Energy modular system allows you to expand and scale.

Clean Energy - Oncore Energy MicroGrid fuel cell uses hydrogen to produce clean, affordable electricity. The only byproduct is water vapor. No noxious gas or pollution.

Stand-Alone Power Source - Complete independence from the energy grid. The Oncore Energy MicroGrid can be your stand-alone electric energy source, providing reliable, clean, electric energy for your home or business.

Support or Backup Power Source - Use Oncore Energy MicroGrid as part of a resilient, personal “microgrid” in combination with a standard energy grid, solar power, etc. Serviced by a utility? Use the Oncore Energy MicroGrid to generate hydrogen for standby power. Already have a solar system in place? Add Oncore Energy to become an “energy island”!

Why use fuel cell MicroGrids?

Reliable Source of Power - Fuel cells last for years before needing maintenance. Telecom and mission-critical applications rely on fuel cells for this reason. Easy, simple, and straightforward to use. Fuel cells provide uninterruptible power.

Proven & Tested - Fuel Cell/MicroGrids have a proven track record of continuous power, even while utility power grids failed during outages, severe weather, rolling blackouts, and prolonged "safety" shutdowns.

Cost-Effective - Fuel Cells are more cost-effective over the long term when compared with traditional fossil fuel generator options like diesel and gasoline.

Clean - Fuel cells have zero emissions, making them the clean way to operate in a future where governments, businesses, and people are trying to reduce their carbon footprint. Fuel cells combine a green philosophy with common-sense practicality.