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Grocery Store Monitoring Case Study

CASE STUDY: Grocery Store T-Gate Multi-Sensor Monitoring

February 22, 2021

Customer Overview Multi Store Grocery Chain, Fargo, North Dakota Local, multi-store grocery store chain with multiple cooler/freezer units used in the store. These cooler/freezer units are in the Produce, Meat, Deli, Dairy, Frozen Goods, and Floral Departments. Walk-In Coolers and Walk-In Freezers are also located in the warehouse. All have temperature controls, many have temperature…

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iNsite ioT TDX-Duo

Get HVAC Efficiency & Monitor Delta T with BWR Innovations’ iNsite ioT TDX-Duo!

December 21, 2020

Is there a metric available to proactively diagnose and problem solve your HVAC System?  And how can you easily and economically get that information from the equipment/system you already own without having to add a complicated or costly upgrade? The iNsite ioT TDX-Duo monitoring system from BWR Innovations is that solution! The iNsite TDX-Duo is a multi-patent…

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