Cloud-Based IoT Monitoring Systems

Saving you Time, Money & Peace of Mind.

Monitoring temperatures of your new and legacy equipment.

Refrigeration Equipment, HVAC, Freezers, Coolers, Slushy Machines & More.

Product loss, manual temperature monitoring and human error are a huge burden for your store or business. It's stressful to you as a manager or owner. You worry about your employees making a several-thousand-dollar mistake. Stopping by each branch or location of your business to take a temperature reading takes up time on your busy schedule.

Grocery Store Produce Section wireless temperature monitoring

BWR Innovation's® iNsite ioT™ Products are a cloud-based, wireless monitoring system will help you reduce product loss, save time and remove stress the stress of operating equipment.

Whether you run a small gas station in the middle of North Dakota or manage a large regional food distribution company, we can place the technology in your hands to monitor your equipment from one convenient dashboard.

iNsite ioT - Blue Water Resolute (BWR) Innovations

CONNECTING what you have to what you need.


Monitor many machines with multiple monitoring points

Wireless sensors placed in multiple machines with central monitoring. Useful for schools, grocery stores, and other facilities/businesses, where monitoring of multiple freezers, coolers and food service equipment is needed.

T-Gate system layout

Uses include: grocery store freezers/coolers, education food service, and many more.

Can be used on both legacy* and new equipment.

Uses the BWR Online Dashboard to record and display data and receive notifications/alerts.

*Install the T-Gate in equipment you already own


Monitor a single machine with many monitoring points & varying metrics

The KDX is designed to measure multiple metrics (temperature, switches, coolant temperature, etc.) on one machine.

Soft serve and frozen dessert machine monitoring

Uses include: soft serve ice cream and custard machines as well as frozen carbonated beverage machines in the fast food, c-store and bar/restaurant establishments and more.

Can be used on both legacy* and new equipment.

Uses the BWR Online Dashboard to record and display data and receive notifications/alerts.

*Install the KDX in equipment you already own

BWR Online Dashboard

The key to your information 24/7/365

The BWR Innovations Dashboard Monitoring System is the perfect solution for secure, cloud-based, wireless monitoring and notification system. BWR Innovations Dashboard Monitoring System allows you to remotely monitor temperature and other critical data form any of the BWR Innovations and iNsite ioT Products. With our wireless IoT machine monitoring system, you will visualize in real-time the current state of your machines.

The BWR Online Dashboard allows receive custom notifications when your equipment is operating outside of your pre-determined parameters, preventing catastrophic product loss.

  • Intuitive desktop or mobile phone user-experience
  • Colorful graphs and charts
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Notifications via SMS Text or Email to your smartphone, tablet, or computer

Use the BWR Online Dashboard with any of our iNsite ioT products to monitor the performance of your new or legacy equipment.

How IoT Works for Your Business

Innovative Machine Monitoring (IoT) TechnologyIoT (Internet of Things) can sound complicated, futuristic and impractical - when in fact, it can be one of the greatest untapped assets of your business.

IoT is simply the use of wireless sensors, connected by the power of the internet, giving a signal to a user. These sensors can measure hundreds of metrics, including temperature, liquid levels, rotation speed and power use. This process of data gathering is called "Cloud Performance Monitoring" and is incredibly useful when applied in creative ways.

Blue Water Resolute (BWR) Innovations creates aftermarket IoT machine monitoring products to alter or upgrade legacy (existing) equipment. This equipment includes walk-in refrigeration units, gas station slushy machines, soft serve ice cream machines, food service equipment, fuel cell generators, and other fine-tuned machines.

iNsite ioT - Blue Water Resolute (BWR) Innovations

Harness the capabilities of Cloud & IoT Machine Monitoring

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