Pest/Bug Remediation

Giving Pests the Heat Treatment

There are several ways to exterminate pests, not all of which are humane or without adverse effects. As a pest remediation professional, you know that high temperature control and air circulation are far safer options. In today's environment of diseases and pests, home owners and apartment renters are beginning to demand ultra-clean places to live for their families. Practical solutions for sanitizing rooms infected with pests like bed bugs, fleas, ticks, carpets and rooms saturated with offensive odors, need to be cleaned prior to sale or rental.

Chemical cleaning of a home or apartment infected with bed bugs can be costly, $3,000 and up, potentially taking days to complete. Hand cleaning surfaces to kill viruses and pests is usually incomplete and filled with human error, leaving a chemical residue and odor. Attempting to remove odors left behind by previous renters/owners using chemicals only temporarily covers the smells.

You need the powerful and effective Sol Source SFC110 Thermal Energy Generator, a portable fuel cell generator & heater which inactivates and removes a full spectrum of biological contaminants including viruses, bacteria, parasites & fungi consistently on every surface it reaches - making the room fresh and clean.

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