Greenhouse & Growhouse Monitoring

Cloud-based Wireless Monitoring Technology for Healthy Plant Life

Your greenhouse needs to be cared for, just like your plants. Greenhouses require monitoring of temperatures and humidity to maintain proper provide optimal conditions for your plant’s growth.

The iNsite ioT product line of wireless sensors removes your worry. Gone are the days when concern over excessive humidity and low temperature levels keeps you up at night. iNsite ioT together with the BWR Innovations Dashboard takes greenhouse conditions off your mind and puts them on your smartphone, tablet, or computer

When a problem arises, alerts/notifications are sent by text or email according to thresholds and settings you set within the secure cloud-based AWS (Amazon Web Service) allowing your greenhouse and your plants to be healthy AND profitable!

  • Wholesale Greenhouses
  • Specialty Plant Growhouses
  • Garden Centers
  • Retail Greenhouses

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