Monitor Your Existing Food Service Equipment

KDX Machine Monitoring by BWR Innovations

The Solution for Cloud Monitoring of New & Used Food Service Equipment

Machine monitoring on legacy food service machines is available NOW through BWR Innovations.

In the past, machine monitoring has only been available for new food service equipment – but with the development of the KDX machine monitoring system by BWR Innovations, this monitoring can now be installed on both new and existing (legacy) equipment.

Before the KDX was developed, convenience stores and restaurants were forced to upgrade their equipment by purchasing new equipment.  The new KDX Machine Monitoring System connects wireless IoT technology to their current food equipment machine, monitoring the machine for changes, problems and status.

What Used Food Service Equipment Can be Cloud Monitored?

The KDX is designed to fit on just about every type of food service equipment including:

  • Soft Serve & Frozen Yogurt Machines
  • Milkshake & Smoothie Machines
  • Frozen Beverage & Cocktail Equipment
  • Gelato Machines
  • Custard & Batch Machines
  • Commercial Grills
  • Combi-Ovens / Blast Chiller
  • Pressure Smokers
  • Commercial Refrigeration & Freezers
  • & more

Remotely monitor important food service data such as:

  • Temperature
  • Syrup Mix Levels & Flow
  • Water Levels & Pressure
  • Defrost Status
  • CO2 Levels & Pressure
  • Compressor Coil
  • & more

How KDX Cloud Monitoring Works for Food Service Equipment

KDX Online Dashboard for Machine Monitoring

The KDX gathers data from the food service machine, then sends the data to an online dashboard.  The store owner or manager can use a computer or mobile device to view the past history and current status of their machines.  Real-time monitoring for real-time security & data.

  • Set up the KDX to alert you by text or email if a level is too high or low.
  • Diagnose intermittent problems early before they become catastrophic. 
  • Users can create custom display reports to dissect the most important information to their operation.

Get the KDX Machine Monitoring System

This cloud-based solution will give you peace of mind and save you money!

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